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Knowledge Base (FAQs)

Every time you create an FAQ you share knowledge within your community. Not only that, Pubblebot will prompt relevant FAQs to visitors when they ask a questions. This helps reduce answering the same questions repeatedly and allows you to work more efficiently. You can also manually reference an FAQ in conversations

Creating FAQs

You can create FAQ from left menu of the dashboard by selecting 'FAQ'. Or you can create an FAQ when you are talking with a visitor using the question they asked as the basis for the FAQ. Convenient, right? When creating an FAQ please write detailed questions and offer detailed answers. The question should make sense on it's own regardless of the page content. Also tag an FAQ with relevant keywords

To create on FAQ, first go select FAQ from the Messages section of the right-hand menu

Select Knowledge from the left menu

On the right-hand side select 'add faq'.

The FAQ creation form

Question / Answer - Input the text for the question and answer fields. We suggest that you keep the answer short and to the point as it will have to display on small mobile screens.

Tags - You can add keywords to make the FAQ more searchable, if you have an FAQ about the price of an item, you could tag it with 'price', 'cost', 'payment', 'fee', 'rate', 'fare', etc

Note: tags of words that are already contained within the question text will be automatically removed

Community/Page - You can define an FAQ as being available for everyone, or only to appear on specific pages. If you select page, you have to input a URL. Multiple URLs must be separated by a comma. You can also use a wildcard (*) to match a URL path, for example*

Public/Private - If you define an FAQ as public, it will be searchable and prompted on the Live Chat widget. If it is private, only team members will be able to see the FAQ and it will never be prompted on the widget.

Bulk Uploading FAQs

If you already have FAQs you can upload them to Chatify in spreadsheet format via the admin center: Import/Export > Import > FAQs

Referencing FAQs

Each FAQ has a unique number making it easy to reference. What if a user asks a question half way through an ongoing conversation and you already have the answer detailed in an FAQ? Just type 'FAQ' followed by the FAQ number, for example "FAQ12" and that FAQ will be added to the chat for the user to see.

Example of "FAQ11" being referenced and embedded in chat.

FAQ Source

An FAQ can belong to the community or to specific webpages. FAQs that belong to the community are general FAQs, that are useful for all the sections of your website where the widget is deployed. Page level FAQs are records that target specific page(s) and will have priority on prompting for that specific page.

FAQ Privacy

An FAQ can be a public or private. Public FAQs are available for your visitor on prompt. Private ones can are only searchable from within Chatify app. So, maybe you would like to build an FAQ about how to deal with the customers. Just for the people inside your community.

Smart Prompt

You can use our Smart FAQ Prompt feature to query your FAQs for any visitor chat item, not just the initial question

This will allow you to handle common visitor queries more efficiently by not having to type out the same answers again and again. What's more, you can alter the FAQ content before posting it to the visitor should the text need to be modified in that particular case.

To enable this feature all you have to do is add FAQs to your Chatify community, as detailed above.

How to get FAQs prompted? In many cases FAQs will be prompted for you, when you see the glowing jigsaw puzzle it means there are potential FAQs to prompt to the last visitor reply

The glowing jigsaw puzzle means there are potential matches

Clicking the glowing jigsaw will show potential suitable replies

Potential FAQ matches

By clicking on one of the results, the chat input box will be populated with that text. Here you have the opportunity to edit the text before sending it, or you can send it directly.

Send directly, or edit

Clicking the light bulk icon will only consider the last visitor reply when querying FAQs. However at any time you can also query any specific visitor replies by bringing up the menu on the chat item and selecting the 'Smart Prompt' option

Search FAQs against any visitor chat item

You can also search FAQs by entering a search string at the top of the prompt popup

Search FAQs manually