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To get the most out of Chatify add your team members to your Chatify community. By adding more people you increase the knowledge pool available for responding to customer enquiries. You can also route questions automatically to specific team members (or groups) based on URLs or keywords

Adding team members

To invite a team member you must be a community admin. From the admin center go to Members > Team > Add User where you can input the email of the person you want to add to your team. They will be sent a confirmation email with instructions on how to proceed.


You can arrange your team members into groups, for example you may have 'Sales' and 'Technical Support', this way you can efficiently assign questions to a group rather than many individuals. Each group also has its own chat room.

When you create a group you have the option to make it private. This means that only those teammates which are members of that group can see it and participate in group conversations. If you need to have a private conversation with only one teammate use Direct Messages (always private).

Direct Messages

Communicate with your fellow teammates. One on one conversations (Direct Messages) are private. Just click the Team Chat on the left hand side in the dashboard and start chatting. If the team member you seek is not on the list then click the "+" below "CONTACTS" and you'll find them there if they are subscribed to the community. Next time this team member will already be in your list.

The basic team member list is displayed on the left-hand menu. This list show only the team members you have previously (to save space). To view the complete list click the '+' below the Contacts header.

Visible team members

The complete team member list is search able, either scroll to find the user, or start typing their name and the list will be filtered

Complete team member list


Pubblebot is a friendly helper bot that will handle some of the communication between your community and your customers. Pubblebot will typically perform automated and repetitive tasks such as greetings, offering FAQs and making announcements.

You can customize Pubblebot by changing the avatar and name. To do so go to the admin center and open the following tab: Community > Community Bot

Office Hours

You can set office hours for your team from the admin center: Community > Office Hours When you set office hours users of the Live Chat widget will be informed when they ask a question outside of these hours, this sets expectations. If no office hours are set then it is assumed you are continuously available.

Setting office hours