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Getting started

What is Chatify?

Chatify is a customer support app that simplifies how teams communicate with their customers.

There are three main components to consider when using Chatify: widgets, the dashboard and the admin center

Widgets: widgets are the small apps you put on your website to enable communication between website visitors and your company. These are added to your website by placing a small snippet of javascript code into your website.

Dashboard: this is where the main action takes place. This is where you will handle website visitors, assign questions and communicate with your team members.

Admin Center: this is where you can add new team members, modify team settings and manage apps. Note: only team admins can access this section.

For a in-depth guide to getting started with Chatify watch our video below

Mobile Apps

There are currently mobile apps available for Android and iPhone.

Desktop Apps

The Windows and Mac app are both available for download below

Note: to use the apps you need to first create an account on Chatify.