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Chatify helps you manage question workflow to improve the efficiency of handling visitor queries and lets you know which questions require attention.

There are three main states a question may be in at any one time New, In Progress and Closed

The three main question states

The aim of the workflow is to get questions into the closed state, this essentially means that the query has been resolved. The more closed questions, the more happy customers you have.

New Questions

These are fresh questions which have yet to receive a response. You should aim to respond to, or assign as many new questions as possible

New Questions

There are three types of new question:

In Progress Questions

These are questions where the conversation is still taking place. Once the question has been dealt with and the customer is happy, you should aim to close the question and remove it from the workflow.

Questions In Progress

There are two types of question In Progress:

Closed Questions

These are questions that have been resolved. You should aim to get as many questions resolved as possible - this represents a job done. If need be a question can always be re-opened later and put back into the workflow.


Question Reminders

Sometimes you might need to follow-up on a question conversation at a later date. To help, you can set a reminder on a conversation to alert you. When a reminder is due those assigned to the question will be alerted in-app and also by email.

To set a reminder, open the conversation and view the right-hand panel and click 'Add Reminder', use the date picker to select a date and the drop-down to select a time.

Setting a due date

Notification Center

In the top-right of the dashboard you can access your notification center, here you will see notifications that relate directly to you.

You will receive notifications for the following events:

when a question is assigned to you, or to a group that you belong to
when you are @mentioned in a question
when a reminder is due for a question you are assigned to
Notification Center

Unread notifications are marked in red. From the Notification Center you can mark all notifications as read. When you access a conversation any related notifications will be marked as read