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Live Chat or Q&A?

5 Features Teams will Love


Team Collaboration

We designed Chatify to make it easy for teams to work together on customer queries. You can assign queries to colleagues or groups, or even discuss individual queries internally, without having to leave the app. It really does simplify customer support.



Our larger competitors come with 'per-agent' or even worse 'per contact' fees. This means that the bigger your team or customer list, the more you pay.

Remember it's free to add as many team members as you want. Team Messaging is one of our most productive features.


Automated Answers

The benefits of artificial intelligence are real. With Chatify, AI is used to automatically answer repetitive questions saving lots of time for your team. This also dramatically increases the chances of a customer getting an answer even if you are out-of-office. An agent doesn’t have to be available 24/7 for the customer to get a reply to their question. Build your knowledge base and reap the benefits!



Tapping into the hive mind of expertise is one of the most powerful features of Chatify. The dashboard is designed to make it really easy to collaborate with colleagues while you support your customers.

One feature, Whisper, allows you to start a chat (individual /or group) around a chat that you are having with a customer. Try it. You will love it.


Agent Assist

While your agents are chatting with customers, the Bot will automatically suggest relevant answers, helping each agent to work more efficiently. This feature makes supporting your customers from your smartphone genuinely viable.

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